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The objects of the Federation shall be to assist, coordinate and facilitate the working of the affiliated cooperative sugar factories, to assist in the promotin and organisation of new cooperative sugar factories in the State and to supervise their working and to arrange for manufacture and supply of sugar machinery. The Federation shall promote establishment of Industrial/Manufacturing units based on the by-products of sugar mill preferably under the management of its constituent units. Where the cooperative sugar unit is either unable to set up such units by itself, or else makes a request to the Federation, the Federation may establish such unit (s) directly under its management and undertake all allied activities linked for the purpose.
In pursuance of the objects a stated in bye-laws 4, the Federation may either by itself or with advice or assistance or in conjunction with the National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Ltd., New Delhi :
  1. Provide technical advice and other assistance in the selection, purchase, installation and maintenance of plant and machinery, spares tools and other equipments to member sugar factories.
  2. Recruit, train, appoint, transfer, suspend, dismiss, censure, fine or otherwise publish the employees of the member cooperative sugar factories, exercise disciplinary control under regulations framed regarding the terms and conditions of their service in accordance with section 121 or 122 of the Act; and subject to the provisions contained in Section 70, settlement of disputes between such employees and the member factories with the approval of the State Government.
  3. Undertake or arrange to purchase in bulk on indent basis or otherwise, equipments chemicals, gunny bags, limestone, fuel lubricants and any sale or utilization of any of the by-products and articles;
  4. Suggest measures for in creasing the operational efficiency of cooperative sugar factories;
  5. Assist in standardizing the accounting and costing methods and practices.
  6. Provide servicing and maintain work shop for spares parts required by member factories.
  7. Assist member factories through purchase by the Federation of their shares from out of their own funds or the Principal state partnership fund, subject to such terms and conditions as may by prescribed by the State Government, and in procuring financial assistance and accommodation from the State and Central Government, Industrial Finance Corporation of India, State Bank of India, State/Central Cooperative Banks or from any other Financing agency.
  8. Supervise and guide the working of member factories generally and as may be necessary under section 123 and advise regarding their work.
  9. Render legal and business advice to its member factories and take up or defend legal action on their behalf;
  10. Represent the member factories at the National Federation or at other organizations ( permanent or adhoc) and present on their behalf their behalf their views to State and Central Governments or any other body, commission or committee of enquiry, or institution; and
  11. To raise fund and undertake such other activities as are incidental or conducive to the efficient working of the member factories in order to attain the above objectives in order to attain the above objectives and to further the common interest of member factories;
  12. To set up printing press for the benefit of member sugar factories.
  13. Take up publication and supply of market and other information relating to sugar industry.
  14. To set organization for manufacture of sugar machinery.
  15. To purchase sugar machinery and other requirements of the member cooperative sugar factories and enter into contracts on their behalf.
  16. (Dropped by the committee).
  17. To raise loans from financial institutions, banks Government and other institutions for investment in block assets and working capital requirement and for rendering financial assistance to member cooperative sugar factories.