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The eSubmission Tender System of Uttar Pradesh enables the Tenderers to download the Tender Schedule free of cost and then submit the bids online through this portal.
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Sugarcane Development Schemes
Cane Development Program

Out of 28 co-operative sugar factories, 13 sugar factories are also working as cane societies. There are no separate cane societies in these 13 sugar factories. These mill societies are arranging all the Input required for cane cultivation. Mill societies are doing the business of fertilizers and insecticides. Under the NABARD scheme, cane growers get fertilizers, insecticides on the loan basis.
In order to inputs increase the cane as well as sugar production per unit of land, factories are making available the seed of early and other improved varieties. Efforts are made to bring the cane area under early varieties upto 35-40% in every mill. Certain factories had the cane area more than 50% under unsuitable varieties like COS-91269 and B.O.-91. To bring down the area under late varieties, Varital replacement program was implemented.

Cane management

In order to make available clean and mature cane to the factories , a new scheme was launched. Every field supervisor was made incharge of the circle consisting of 4-5 centers in the factory areas. Supervisor had to ensure daily cane purchase as per indent, regular lifting of cane, supply of clean and fresh cane at all the centers of his circle. Supervisors were also responsible for taking daily cane purchase report to the factory gate by the next morning.
Out of 24 sugar factories, 24 mills have got their own computer system. These mills generate purchies, calendars and bank advices . All sugar mills have computerised cane weighment at their mill gates.
In all sugar mills, all the electronic weigbridges at the mill gate are interlinked with each other and with main computer system.
With a view to managing the cane centers well, cane from the centers and thereby recovery is also increased.